Herb-Infused Witch Hazel for Postpartum Healing

This recipe is great for spritzing directly on your skin, spritzing on a cloth wipe or soft tissue paper to use as a wipe, and/or dousing your padsicles with!

Happy healing, sweet friend!

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Unique Gift Ideas That Mom is Sure to Love // Our Top 10 Picks for Mother’s Day 2019!

We’ve made it our mission to compile a list that is accessible for every budget, inclusive of every love language, and perfect for all moms- foster moms, adoptive moms, step moms, heaven moms, birth moms, and all mother figures. We hope you love our picks as much as we do, and that you find something special!

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Motherhood & Babywearing / A Chat with NICU Mom, Local Small Business Owner, and Founder of Lottie Wear- Laura Brightwell

“My vision for my company is to grow and support the mom community, literally and figuratively. In this generation, moms need as much physical support as ever, as so many live further away from families. Slings can physically support your mothering effort and give you a break. I want our company to support moms of all walks of life and their decisions in mothering their own way. ”

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Bone Broth During Pregnancy?

“A hot, salty, savory mug of bone broth is a great way to get in a little protein when the idea of chicken makes you feel like heaving. It’s great for boosting your immune system, helping to aid in the growth of all-things-vital in your little baby, and adding flavor to all of your favorite foods.”

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8 Tips to Prevent Tearing During Labor & Birth

Here comes baby, let's do this gently. When the stinging comes, you'll want to breath through it instead of pushing through it- best you can. By slowing down, you allow your tissues the chance to slowly stretch open. The slower and more controlled the stretch, the better your tissues can fan out. Remember, your body is completely capable of doing this without tearing. God didn't make you with this one single flaw. Like, "Opps, oh well. She'll just heal." No! He put this amazing design in to help you slow down and ease baby out. You can do this! 

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3 Bottom-Based Birth Fears // Pooping During Labor

Our American culture is especially grossed out and embarrassed by the idea of passing a bowel movement in front of other people. I don't blame you here! But here's the thing. You're going to poop at some point. And when you do, the excitement in the room will rise because this is a very good thing! You pooping means that baby is moving down and making room! Your birth team will not only be totally fine with this occurring, but we'll be expecting and anticipating it! 

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SAALT Menstrual Cup // A Doula's Review

I was spotting when my shipment came, so I rolled it up like a misshapen taco and put the smaller one in. We went out of town for the day and I didn't think anything of it. When I got home, I took it out and to my surprise it was halfway full. You guys...I was on my period and didn't even realize it.

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Grief, Miscarriage and Mother's Day.

When your heart is aching. When you can't understand. When you don't feel honored or okay. When you can't fall asleep, think straight or settle your stomach. -

Please, please remember:
You are enough, just the way you are, grief and all.

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Meet Amy, Your Atlanta Birth Doula.

But vulnerability is a beautiful thing. It's out of this place (of vulnerability) that community happens. This is where we find those we cherish and love. This is where we gain our supporters, our family and our tribe- the people who will cheer us on.

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