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Birth Support and Postpartum Care


Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m the owner/lead doula, and I’m so glad you’re here!

If you’ve come looking for someone to help you navigate those next few steps, a trusted guide for your birth, or simply some encouragement- you’re in the right place. We serve Atlanta families through doula support and postpartum care. With us, you can feel at peace knowing everything has been taken care of.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few quick links:
Labor/Birth Doula Support.
Childbirth Comfort Classes.
Expertise Placenta Encapsulation.
Postpartum Belly Binding.
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Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you find anything!

What does it look like to receive doula care from us?

Great question!

After we’ve decided we’re a beautiful match at our complimentary coffee/tea get together, we’ll meet prenatally to go through all of your birth options, work through any concerns you may have and plan for how you’d like to be supported during labor. Once you go into labor and are no longer comfortable coping on your own, we’ll join you. We’ll support you, staying by your side and helping you through your labor until after you’ve given birth and are cozy and comfortable with your beautiful, new baby. We’ll come visit you in a few days to admire you and your baby and make sure everything is going well. We’ll draw you a soothing bath or pour you a cup of herbal tea and cuddle your baby while we talk about breastfeeding, your birth, your baby or anything else that comes up. We’ll keep it nice and relaxed!





The ultimate birth and postpartum experience. 

Looking for an all inclusive experience? Included in this package is everything you could ever want or need. You'll get exquisite doula care, couple's support lessons to help you and your partner bond and work as a united team, resources you can actually put to use and the postpartum support of placenta encapsulation. Absolutely no holding back, you get it all. Powerful birthing, powerful partnering, powerful parenting. 



Our signature doula support package.

This package includes our trusted doula support with an extra layer of added goodness. With additional prenatal sessions and with the wisdom you'll gain from our beloved Couple's Comfort Measures Class, you'll have the confidence to birth your way. This package unlocks access to our lending library where you'll find many invaluable tools and resources. Your care will continue at home with a rebozo of your own and our favorite, handcrafted postpartum care items. 


the lovely package

Support that is simple, yet lovely.

Perfect for the mother who knows exactly what she loves and exactly what she wants. Maybe you've already had children and are familiar with your personal rhythm of labor and birth. Maybe you've already read every book and taken every childbirth education class in town. Either way, you're just interested in adding a cozy blanket of excellent doula support. Nothing more, nothing less. This package is perfect for you. 


Secure the nourishing support that nature intended. 


Book a Free Consult. 

All packages come with a complimentary coffee/tea get-together so we can get to know each other better and determine if we're the perfect match! 

Dads are welcomed here.

We believe that dads matter. Nobody knows you better or loves you more. We'll work to ensure Dad is confident in his Birthing Day role. We support Dad so he can be free to support you.



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