We believe that the right support (which includes placental consumption!) during the first few weeks postpartum can set you and your new family up for a beautiful future together.  

*All packages include pickup, delivery and photos of the placenta being processed. Doula clients receive 20% off all placenta services.

“Just the Pills” may be purchased for a flat rate of $200.

Basic Package

Choose any 2 options:

Raw Method Capsules
Basic preparation method of dehydration before encapsulation. Your placenta will be inspected, cleaned, cut, dehydrated, ground into powder and put into capsules. Great option for those needing a power-punch of energy. This method yields the highest amount of placenta capsules.

TCM Gentle Capsules
Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired method of encapsulation. Prepared and steamed with our signature blend of warming herbs prior to dehydration. Great option for those sensitive to caffeine or prone to anxiety. This method produces less capsules than the Raw method, but you’ll gain additional benefits from the herbs used in steaming.


Simple Joy Package

Choose any 4 options:

Our longest shelf-life product. Fantastic option to save for your first few menstrual cycles after baby or menopause. Great for grandmother's menopause or daughter's menstrual cycles as well!

Raw Smoothie* for doula clients only
Your choice of berry or tropical mango smoothie, to be enjoyed same day as birth to refresh and replenish you. Great option for those looking to benefit from placental stem cells.

Smoothie Cubes
Everything you need to quickly blend up a refreshing, nutrient-packed smoothie at home. Our smoothie cubes will make about a week’s worth of smoothies.


Afterglow Package

Your choice of unlimited options:

Placenta Salve
Our placenta healing balm offers soothing relief for any tearing, dry nipples, diaper rash, eczema, cesarean scars, stretch marks etc. 

Raw Stem Cell Salve
Our traditional placenta healing balm with the added benefit of live stem cells! This is good, stored in the fridge, for 5 days post birth.

Cord Keepsake
A beautiful keepsake made in the style of your choosing. Depending on cord length, choose between a heart, a spiral or your baby’s name.

Placenta Art Print
A beautiful, tree of life print keepsake of your baby's placenta. We use cold pressed, acid free, strong art paper. Ready to hang canvas available for an additional $15. Beautiful for your baby’s nursery!


Having my placenta pills this time has helped so much! Breastfeeding is easier, she’s sleeping better, I’m sleeping better. I’m not so anxious anymore. I thought it was weird at first, but I’m so grateful I went ahead and got them!
— Jess M.

Have questions about how consuming your placenta can make way for better family bonding? Schedule a free consult! 

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