Our Approach

we believe in your strength, ability and intuition. Our approach is always second to yours. 

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Prenatal Sessions

While most doulas will use the time during a prenatal session to get to know you, we want to dive just a little bit deeper. We want to look at your frame of reference around birth- This includes not only your own experiences (previous births or your journey to conception) but can also be your mother's birth, sister's birth, auntie's birth or the birth stories you've heard. We hold these stories in our bodies and it's important to go into birth with our own philosophy. We'll walk through any fears or concerns you may have and learn how to not only release these fears, but how to replace them with beliefs that will guide you on your big day. We'll talk through birth plans and preferences, and how to handle if things go differently. We’re here to guide you should any deviations occur. We'll learn all kinds of coping skills and strategies and get a good postpartum plan in place. By the end of our sessions, we hope you'll feel prepared, excited and ready for your big day!

Every Woman Worthy Birth and Doula Services, Atlanta Georgia. Woman Bottle Feeding a Newborn Formula

Continuous labor and Birth Support

As your doula, we go on-call for you starting at 38 weeks. This means, no matter what time it is or what we're doing, if you call and need us there-we're there. Throughout our prenatal sessions, we'll go over tips and tricks to help you labor well at home and how you can know when it's time to call. Once we've joined your side for your birthing day, you can expect us to stay there until you feel comfortable after your birth. We'll stay with you, sway with you and rock to the rhythm of labor with you. We have so many comfort measures and labor enhancing tricks up our sleeves, but we'll lead with our hearts first, as birth is a spiritual journey just as much as a physical one. We'll be by your side through the ebbs and flows of labor- believing in you, cheering for you and holding your space sacred. Our hope for you during this time is not only that you'll feel strong, calm and well-informed, but that your birth experience will far exceed what you hoped for and that you'll welcome your beautiful child into your arms feeling like the rockstar you are. 

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Postpartum care

The first 40 days postpartum are crucial to you and baby's bond, health and well being. This period passes quickly but your memories and feelings surrounding it can last a lifetime. Our goal is that you will feel supported, well-informed and confident during this transitional journey. During our prenatal sessions, before baby's arrival, together we will come up with a Postpartum Plan. This plan will include things like lining up a mealtrain, breastfeeding support and postpartum screening information. If you have pets or older children, we'll make sure they're well taken care of and that they don't feel left out during this exciting time. We'll make sure you're armed with good postpartum podcasts, sleep and soothing techniques and mommy groups that are actually helpful. And finally, we'll make sure your nest is set up in a way that is efficient and cozy. Our dream for you is that you'll look back on this period with beautiful, fond memories.